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Season Crop Day Cane Crushed On-Date(Qtls) Cane Crushed To-Date(Qtls) Sugar Production On-Date (Qtls) Sugar Production To-Date (Qtls) Sugar Recovery On-Date (%) Sugar Recovery To-Date (%) Final Recovery (%)
Season Capacity Utilisation On-Date (%) Capacity Utilisation To-Date (%) Hours lost On-Date (Hrs.) Hours lost To-Date (Hrs.) Steam Consumption On-Date (%) Steam Consumption To-Date (%) Bagasse Sold On-Date (Qtls) Bagasse Sold To-Date (Qtls)
Season Power Exported On-Date (Units) Power Exported To-Date (Units) Sugar in House (Qtls) On-Date Supply Early (%) On-Date Supply Mid(119) (%) On-Date Supply Mid(Others) (%) On-Date Supply Late (%)
                 Cane Balance at 10 AM                                                                                                            P.J.Analysis
Out Centres Gate Total % balance of installed capacity Brix Pol Pty. Net Juice
Molasses in House (Qtls) Pol% Cane (Direct) Bagasse stock in Yard (Qtls) Molasses Stock (Qtls) Tank Storage Capacity (Qtls) %Storage Capacity Macerration %Cane Macerration %Fibre
                    Sugar                                                                                                               Sugar %
  Detail of Major Stoppages, If any :
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